St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi, probably one of the original Eco-Warriors, after his early years of living in denial and living the “good life” which was afforded to him by his success in his family business, he took a radical turn after visions he received one day.  Francis gave away all he owned, and begged for food and shelter.  He confounded Church authorities at the time, and began to attract scorn as well as some followers.  He saw that the old paradigm of the 12th century did not fit the way he understood what it meant to carry “Christ-Consciousness” to the people and be a true “channel of peace.”

St. Francis is an example of how I try to live my life: simply, carry a message of peace and love, and be kind to all sentient beings.  Francis saw God/Spirit/Universal Energy in Nature, the trees and the birds of the air.  Not hung up on labels or on labeling things or people—Francis sensed the Divine Oneness in all humans, animals and in nature itself.  He regularly communed with “Brother Sun and Sister Moon” embracing the Natural World.  The message of St. Francis is eternal and resonates with all who respect and love a life of integrity, compassion, respect, equality, forgiveness, unity, justice and a complete trust in a beneficent life force, universal energy, God of one’s understanding.


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