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2017 Calendar

 Outer Cape Seashore ~ LIGHTS & SHADOWS

2017 Outer Cape Seashore ~ Lights and Shadows calendar is here. I’m happy to say that this was inspired by the friends and dear ones who loved the 2016 calendar and who encouraged me to create a 2017 calendar. 

The last two years I lived on Cape, I was the very grateful recipient of the Lower Cape Outreach Council’s Food Pantry to make ends meet during the lean winter and early spring months. I am forever grateful for this opportunity to RECEIVE, for it’s given me a unique view to what it means to be in NEED, and what it takes to be fully human in this world. It really does, “take a village” when it comes to feeding our brothers and sisters. 

This year, I’m offering the calendar and in return am asking $12 which includes postage and handling. I am going to donate half to the Lower Cape food pantry and any additional funds, I will donate to a local food pantry here in Plymouth. If you feel like donating more than $12, all is abundant and welcome. 

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