2018 Calendar

2018 Calendar

Trees of the Outer Cape: Feeding Those in Need ~ One Month at a Time

The 2018, Trees of the Outer Cape: Feeding Those in Need calendar is here. Once again, this was inspired by friends and dear ones who loved the previous calendars and who encouraged me to create a calendar for 2018.

The last two years I lived on Cape, I was the very grateful recipient of the Lower Cape Outreach Council’s Food Pantry to make ends meet during the lean winter and early spring months. I am forever grateful for this opportunity to RECEIVE, for it’s given me a unique view to what it means to be in NEED, and what it takes to be fully human in this world. It really does, “take a village” when it comes to feeding our brothers and sisters. 

This year, I’m offering the calendar and in return am asking $14 which includes postage and handling. I will donate half to the Lower Cape food pantry and any additional funds, I will donate to a local food pantry here in Plymouth. If you feel like donating more than $14, all is abundant and welcome. 

Ordering Details: sacredenergyheals@gmail.com

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